17 May 2012

Heather's Glen in Conroe, TX

Fun Fun Fun, I love going to Heathers Glen in Conroe, TX. As far as Wedding venues in the area go, Heather’s Glen is certainly one of my favorites from a photographer’s point of view. The lighting is always great from the dressing room to the chapel to the reception area. And the staff is excellent, they seem to be able to move everyone thru the wedding seamlessly without anyone feeling pressured or rushed. Here is a photo of Tiffani at a recent Wedding we shot at Heather’s Glen.

24 March 2012

Vintage Garden Tea House

A quiet and quaint little place in the sleepy town of Montgomery, TX. the Vintage Garden Tea House is a cozy wedding venue that is perfect for small intimate Weddings. I recently had the pleasure of photographing Traci there and found it excellent from a photographers point of view. Check out the photos here

18 December 2011

Wedding Dance - Awesome

This is a really cool Video that a friend of mine sent me. I goes to show that Traditional, although it has it's place can sometimes be set aside. Thanks to the couple in the video for allowing me to post this on our site. JohnStonePhoto.net is not responsible for other links to YouTube that might occur. Thanks and Happy Weddings...

09 February 2009

Wedding Vows & Readings: 20 Tips for Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

Source : TheKnot.com

The 20 questions you need to ask when you're writing your own vows.

So you thought it'd be great to write your own vows, but now a healthy dose of writer's block (not to mention fear of embarrassing yourself) has hit you squarely on the head. Don't know how to transform your heavy, life-altering, feelings into a string of coherent words? You're not alone -- but don't worry, your goal is within reach: Just take it one word at a time. Here's the homework you need to do (and the questions you should ask) to make your wedding words letter-perfect.

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14 May 2008

My Wedding Blog

This is a new site aimed at giving new Brides and soon to be Brides a forum in which to share ideas. Please feel free to post a question or a suggestion on even a experience that you feel may be helpful to new or soon to be Brides like your self.